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Our Work

Our approach to your wedding day is to blend in and capture authentic candid moments. It's all about emotions.  How did the day feel?  We hope to recreate that feeling when you watch your films.    

Brian + Jamie

"Jamie Lane, I love your beauty inside and out.  I love who you are.  You're the perfect woman in my eyes and in my heart.  I love how generous and thoughtful you are. It's the small things you do for me. You let me be my true self."  

Matt + Chloe

"As Matt said I could  have designed the perfect woman and still would not compare to her.  She is what I didn't event know that I wanted,  but far more than what I could ever hoped for..."

tyree + Courtney

"Courtney, I give you my love, I give you my heart, I give my hope, I give you my joy.   I promise to know you, love you, hold you, warm you.   Through all  the long days of our  lives, I choose to go with you always from this day until the end of our days."

Pep +Cate

These two were a joy to film.  So many natural candid moments we captured at Magnolia Way.  Outside ceremony and reception on a perfect day in April! 

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